I’m Mohsen Taghizadeh

I’m a product designer in love with web and mobile interface design / UX design.
With more than 7 years in the field of UI/UX design, being detail-oriented, creative, and self-motivated, I have helped businesses and development teams to create meaningful and enjoyable products for their users. Extremely organized with the ability to work both independently or as part of a cross-functional team.
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My Journey

I have studied software engineering and I have a solid background in front-end development. Also, I'm familiar with the back-end side too. So, I can understand how a design should be feasible to implement in web and mobile and how much effort I must put into the back-end side with a specific design, especially in dashboards and statistics pages.
With the passion to work on design, loving colors, layouts, typography, etc. I did a lot of self-studies about graphic design, analyzing successful projects, inspiring and even copying, I have gradually learned design. Most of my managers admitted that they do like the design thinking behind scenarios and how well-demonstrated graphically.
After having learnt the UI part, again I self-studied a lot about the UX part and human side of the product which is the most important thing in product building. Researching about different types of target users, finding their goals and pain points, thinking about different possible scenarios, making user journey, wireframing, testing, getting feedback from target users, discussing with product owners and talking about the feasibility of a design with developers, and finally designing a consistent user interface and building a design system for it is the list of tasks I consider through the design of successful software.
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Mohsen Taghizadeh’s Course Certificate - Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
The Interaction Design Foundation
Credential ID: 76336
Mohsen Taghizadeh’s Course Certificate - How to Create a UX Portfolio
How to Create a great UX Portfolio
The Interaction Design Foundation
Credential ID: 76336
Mohsen Taghizadeh’s Course Certificate - Figma - UIUX Design
Figma - UIUX Design
Credential ID: UC-79c576d2-8651-4771-ab43-624a11aadecf